Addressing social inequities

Overhauling biased systems

Shifting power structures

Democratic decision making

Centering community empowerment

Community based resilience

Equitable Resilience brings to the forefront questions of equity when designing for urban resilience: How can cities prepare now for a more equitable form of future resilience? The Equitable Resilience Portal aims to use the momentum around global resilience thinking to address social inequities as a result of climate change preparations and impacts.

Forms of Power

Power shapes the who, what, and where of resilience and adaptation planning. Shifting unjust power structures toward community self-determination is critical to addressing long-standing social inequities.

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Community-Based Resilience

Community-based resilience (CBR) refers to the capacity of communities to learn from, sustain through, and adapt to adversity by harnessing the values and goals that are most important to them.

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Resilience Practices

Resilience practices must be determined by and designed with those communities most at risk, in order to foster equitable responses to climate change.

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Visit the Equitable Resilience Portal Resources page for theoretical and practice-based content on Forms of Power, Community-Based Resilience, and Resilience Practices.

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