A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation: Uniting Design, Economics, and Policy

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  • Theme Community-Based
  • Type Framework
  • Scale National
  • AuthorsCarolyn Kousky [Ed.]Billy Fleming [Ed.]Alan M. Berger [Ed.]Samuel BrodyKayode AtobaWesley HighfieldAntonia SebastianRussell BlessingWilliam MobleyLaura StearnsMatthijs BouwKaren M'CloskeyKeith VanDerSysJoyce CoffeeSarah DobieCatherine Seavitt NordensonRennie JonesPaul LewisGuy NordensonCarlos MartinShannon CunniffBenjamin CohenCarolyn duPontAllison LassiterThomas RuppertFadi MasoudDavid Vega-BarachowitzRafi SegalSusannah Drake

Tens of millions of Americans are at risk from sea level rise, increased tidal flooding, and intensifying storms. The design and policy decisions that have shaped coastal areas are in desperate need of updates to help communities better adapt to a changing climate. A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation identifies a bold new research and policy agenda and provides implementable options for coastal communities.

In this book, coastal adaptation experts discuss the interrelated challenges facing communities experiencing sea level rise and increasing storm impacts. These issues extend far beyond land use planning into housing policy, financing for public infrastructure, insurance, fostering healthier coastal ecosystems, and more. Deftly addressing far-reaching problems from cleaning up contaminated, abandoned sites, to changes in drinking water composition, chapters give a clear-eyed view of how we might yet chart a course for thriving coastal communities. They offer a range of climate adaptation policies that could protect coastal communities against increasing risk, while preserving the economic value of these locations, their natural environments, and their community and cultural values. Lessons are drawn from coastal communities around the United States to present equitable solutions. The book provides tools for evaluating necessary tradeoffs to think more comprehensively about the future of our coastal communities.

Coastal adaptation will not be easy, but planning for it is critical to the survival of many communities. A Blueprint for Coastal Adaptation will inspire innovative and cross-disciplinary thinking about coastal policy at the state and local level while providing actionable, realistic policy and planning options for adaptation professionals and policymakers.